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Doca de Recreio de Alcântara 

Main Features of the Doca de Recreio de Alcântara
Main Features of the Marina
Location: Latitude: 09º 12´ N - Longitude: 38º 42´ W
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Town: Alcântara - Lisboa
Operator's name: Administração do Porto de Lisboa
Address: Doca de Alcântara
Postal Code: 1399-012 Lisboa
Phone: +351 213 922 048/58
Fax: +351 213 922 085
E-Mail: doca.alcantara@portodelisboa.pt
Internet Portal: www.portodelisboa.pt
Radio Contact: VHF 12 - 74
Reception Desk Hours: 08h00-13:00/14:00-19h00
Distances: Leixões 173M; Sines 56M; Lagos 129M; Vilamoura 155M
Entrance draught: 7,0 m
Max. Draught: 10,0 m
Type of Structures: Floating Pontoons
Berths: 442
Winds: When strong winds from S and SW the sea breacks completely across the entrace channel bar.
Streams: Crosscurrents ebb and flood.
Visibility: Usually good; Fog from Nov. to Feb.
General Information: The dock is located inside Alcântara port area, 1M upstream the Bridge 25 April. A small basin protects the entrance from the current. It's the most likely spot for a visiting Yacht to find a place. A wire fence surrounds the dock area.
Entrance: To approach Lisbon from the north, via the north channel, once 1- 2M off south Stª Marta lighthouse, head 080º until the backbearing mark Guia-Stª Marta on 285º and head 105º. The shore on port hand at S. Julião will be about 300m and the minimal depth 5,2m. After turning to port, keep northern of the leading lights (Gibalta- Esteiro-Mama-047º) until Gibalta, if outbound traffic so dictates. Either approaching from the south or choosing taking the south channel due to swell, head to the fairway buoy. The leading bearing Gibalta-Esteiro-Mama, on 047º leads you between S. Julião and Bugio until Gibalta. A set of 4 green buoys limit the shoal surrounding Bugio. Once at Gibalta turn upriver skirting the north shore 300m off until Torre de Belém. All the docks are placed on the north side of the Tagus River.


Tel.: (+351) 218 143 700

Tel.: (+351) 213 577 915

Tel.: (+351) 218 119 000

Tel.: (+351) 800 201 820

Marina Service


No Crane

VHF Channel
12 - 74

No Travel Lift


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