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Marina da Torreira 

Main Features of the Marina da Torreira
Main Features of the Marina
Location: Latitude: 08º 39´ N - Longitude: 40º 38´ W
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Town: Torreira - Aveiro
Operator's name: Associação Náutica da Torreira
Address: Av.ª Eng.º Duarte Pacheco
Postal Code: 3870 - 322 Torreira
Phone: +351 234 868 651
Fax: +351 234 868 652
E-Mail: ant.geral@gmail.com
Radio Contact: VHF 16
Reception Desk Hours: 09h00 19h00
Distances: Lisboa 141M; Sines 178M; Lagos 245M
Entrance draught: 3,0 m
Max. Draught: 3,0 m
Draft alongside quay/pontoon: 3,0 m
Type of Structures: Floating Pontoons
Berths: 150
Winds: Usual N and NW Strong in Winter
Streams: S<1 kn; bar springs ebb - 4/6Kn>
Visibility: Fog from June to Sep.
General Information: The coast in the area is a continuous beach. In stormy weather keep outside the 20m line, approaching either from the north or the south. The major reference in the area is the red striped Aveiro lighthouse, 65m high. The marina is located in the west side of Ovar channel, about 10,5M from the entrance of the river.
Entrance: The sea at the bar may be rough with winds NW to SW, getting worse on ebb that may reach 7 kn and normally lasts longer than the flood. The best time to sail (enter or leave) is close to high water. Do not sail after dark. Give a wide berth to the west breakwater for normally the area has swell. To approach the harbour use the leading lights at 085,4º formed by the south breakwater light in line with Aveiro lighthouse. Once near the west breakwater, take the leading lights formed by the two red columns on the north shore (Raiz do Molhe/Post) bearing 065,6º. Skirt the north side taking the channels S. Jacinto and Ovar, leaving the red light marking the west edge of Ilha do Monte Farinha on the starboard hand. Upstream S. Jacinto the depths decrease to 2,5m chart datum. The marina will be on the west side after passing 3 jetties and Bico do Muranzel.


Tel.: (+351) 229 432 400

Tel.: (+351) 234 423 385

Tel.: (+351) 234 422 943

Tel.: (+351) 234 424 231

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