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Porto de Recreio da Figueira da Foz 

Main Features of the Porto de Recreio da Figueira da Foz
Main Features of the Marina
Location: Latitude: 08º 52´ N - Longitude: 40º 09´ W
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Town: Figueira da Foz
Operator's name: Administração do Porto da Figueira da Foz, S.A.
Address: Av. de Espanha
Postal Code: 3080 901 Figueira da Foz
Phone: +351 233 402 910
Fax: +351 233 402 920
E-Mail: apff.geral@mail.telepac.pt
Radio Contact: VHF 16 - 09
Reception Desk Hours: 08h30 22h00
Distances: Lisboa 105M; Sines 149M; Lagos 215M
Entrance draught: 3,0 m
Max. Draught: 3,0 m
Draft alongside quay/pontoon: 3,0 m
Type of Structures: Floating Pontoons
Berths: 200
Winds: Usual N and NW Strong Nov.-Feb
Streams: Springs ebb - 4/6Kn
Visibility: Fog from June to Sep.
General Information: Figueira da Foz lies 2,5M south of the major mark Cabo Mondego, and its port is located in the mouth of Rio Mondego. The marina is located about 0,7M from the entrance breakwaters, on the port hand.
Entrance: Two breakwaters define the entrance of the river, with lights flashing red (north) and green (south); strong onshore winds can be dangerous. During theWinter, at springs, the ebb can come up to 6kn, if there has been heavy rain inland. The entrance is made heading 073º in between the outer moles. Once near the inner moles, take the right hand of the channel until the marina.


Tel.: (+351) 229 432 400

Tel.: (+351) 233 423 095

Tel.: (+351) 233 423 788

Tel.: (+351) 233 482 316

Marina Service


8 t

VHF Channel
16 - 62

No Travel Lift


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