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Marina Angra do Douro 

Marina de Angra
Main Features of the Marina Angra do Douro
Main Features of the Marina
Location: Latitude: 08º 28´ N - Longitude: 41º 04´ W
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Town: Covelo-Gondomar
Operator's name: Sogontur, SA
Address: Angra do Douro Apartado 130
Postal Code: 4424-909 Gondomar
Phone: +351 224 767 220 - 912 175 000 - 968 925 351
Fax: +351 224 767 229
E-Mail: sogontur@iol.pt
Radio Contact: VHF 12 - 16
Reception Desk Hours: 09h30 13h00 / 14h00 18h30
Distances: Lisboa 172M; Sines 209M; Lagos 276M
Entrance draught: 2,0 m
Type of Structures: Floating Pontoons
Berths: 275
Winds: W, with swell at entrance in the .
Streams: Strong ebb in the river, critical during lasting rains -6-7Kt.
Visibility: Fog from June to Sep.
General Information: Angra do Douro Marina lies some 10M up the River Douro, after the lock Crestuma-Lever. The channel, 40 to 60 m wide, has red buoys on the right shore and green buoys on the left shore. The locks open under request by fax to IPTM (254320023) with 24 hours notice. The locks constrains are 83m Loa and 11.4m beam. The airdraughts are 9.8m for S. Luis bridge and 8.5 for Crestuma lock. The maximum draught allowed in the channel is 3.8m. The entrance to the river Douro is located 2.5M south of the artificial port of Leixões.
Entrance: Approaching from the south, the buildings on the hill on the north side (Porto) are conspicuous. In this area, the coast is flat with sandy beaches until the low hills by the mouth of the river. From 0.5M offshore, take the leading lights Cantareira-Sobreiras, at 079º, favouring the northern shore until Cantareira. Once inside, take the middle of the channel, between the port and starboard buoys. Avoid the entrance in heavy swell, strong wind or night time. The current on ebbs may reach 6 to 7Kn after a lasting period of rain.


Tel.: (+351) 229 432 400

Tel.: (+351) 224 853 250

Tel.: (+351) 224 760 013

Tel.: (+351) 808 208 208

Marina Service


No Crane

VHF Channel
12 - 16

Travel Lift
60 t

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