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Viana Marina  Blue Flag

Main Features of the Viana Marina
Main Features of the Marina
Location: Latitude: 08º 50' N - Longitude: 41º 40' W
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Town: Viana do Castelo
Operator's name: Administração do Porto de Viana do Castelo, S.A.
Address: Doca de Recreio de Viana do Castelo - Rua da Limia
Postal Code: 4900-056 Viana do Castelo
Phone: +351 258 359 500
Fax: +351 258 359 535
E-Mail: apvc@apvc.pt
Internet Portal: www.apvc.pt
Radio Contact: VHF 62
Reception Desk Hours: 00h00 24h00
Distances: Leixões 33M; Lisboa 199M; Lagos 304M
Entrance draught: 3,0 m
Max. Draught: 3,0 m
Draft alongside quay/pontoon: 3,0 m
Type of Structures: Floating Pontoons
Berths: 307
Winds: W or SW Nov/Mar
Streams: Tidal to N duringflood and to S during ebb; during strong N winds may reach O,8 kn
Visibility: Fog end May to Sep.
General Information: Viana Marina is located near the mouth of Lima river (1,5 M upriver), well sheltered inside of the port of Viana do Castelo. The marina has two docks: one, downstream of the bridge, for yachts up to 18m and a smaller one, upstream of the bridge, for smaller yachts. The main marks are the Montedor lighthouse, 4M north of the port and Santa Luzia mountain. Close offshore, north or south of Viana do Castelo, hazards are found. For safety, keep outside the 20m line. The main channel to access the commercial pier is dredged to 8m. The approach to the marina is dredged to 3m. On flood and ebb, strong crosscurrents at the entrance to be found. Anchorage in the river is prohibited.
Entrance: Coming from north, take a wide swing (0,3') out of the outer breakwater; steer 005º on the S.ª Agonia light until the centre of the buoyed channel. Coming from south, approach from the 20m line at 080º keeping the outer breakwater 0,3' on portside; once S.ª Agonia bears 005º, head to it and keep the beaing until the centre of the buoyed channel. Follow the channel; the marina will be on the portside right before the bridge. The marina office is located at the east end of the basin.


Tel.: (+351) 229 432 400

Tel.: (+351) 252 809 352

Tel.: (+351) 258 822 322

Tel.: (+351) 258 821 315

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