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Marina de Vilamoura  Blue Flag

Marina de Vilamoura
Main Features of the Marina de Vilamoura
Main Features of the Marina
Location: Latitude: 08º 07'.31 N - Longitude: 37º 04'.38 W
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Town: Vilamoura
Operator's name: Marina de Vilamoura, SA
Address: Marina de Vilamoura
Postal Code: 8125 409 Quarteira
Phone: +351 289 310 560
Fax: +351 289 310 580
E-Mail: marinavilamoura@lusort.com
Internet Portal: www.marinadevilamoura.com
Radio Contact: VHF 9 - 16 Vilamoura Radio
Reception Desk Hours: 08h30 18h30 Winter and 08h30 21h30 Summer
Distances: Faro 15M; Sines 100; Lisboa: 154M; Leixões 302M
Entrance draught: 4,0 m
Max. Draught: 4,0 m
Draft alongside quay/pontoon: 2,0 m
Type of Structures: Floating Pontoons
Berths: 953
Winds: Prevailing N/NE from May to Oct.
Streams: ESE less than 0,6 KN.
Visibility: Good; Occasionally fog in Winter.
General Information: During the Summer occur strong breezes, from the beginning of the afternoon until sunset, picking from SW moving through W to WNW or NW. The main marks in the area Ponta de Alfanzina at the west and Cabo de Santa Maria at the southeast. The marina has its own light, 19M, placed at the control tower. The large Vilamoura Marinotel close to the entrance of the marina is to be considered conspicuous once the breakwaters may be difficult to pick out from far.
Entrance: The 75m wide entrance, facing southeast, can be dangerous during levant winds. It is formed by two lights breakwaters that lead into an outer basin of 4m depth approximately. Once passed the breakwaters, head north along the eastern breakwater to the inner basin. The reception pontoon is located between the control tower and the offices.


Tel.: (+351) 289 800 800

Tel.: (+351) 289 389 143

Tel.: (+351) 289 300 160

Tel.: (+351) 289 417 722

Marina Service


6 t

VHF Channel
9 - 16

Travel Lift
60 t

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