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Porto de Recreio do Guadiana 

Main Features of the Porto de Recreio do Guadiana
Main Features of the Marina
Location: Latitude: 07º 24´.7 N - Longitude: 37º 11´.5 W
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Town: Vila Real de Santo António
Operator's name: Associação Naval do Guadiana
Address: Doca Pesca, Apartado 40
Postal Code: 8901-909 Vila Real Stº António
Phone: +351 281 541 571
Fax: +351 281 511 140
E-Mail: anguadiana@mail.telepac.pt
Internet Portal: www.anguadiana.no.sapo.pt
Radio Contact: VHF 9 - 12
Reception Desk Hours: 09h00 12h30 15h00 20h00
Distances: Faro 25M; Sines 142M; Lisboa 196M; Leixões 344M
Entrance draught: 4,0 m
Max. Draught: 3,0 m
Draft alongside quay/pontoon: 4,0 m
Type of Structures: Floating Pontoons
Berths: 360
Winds: Prevailing N/NW from May to Oct.
Streams: SE less than 0,6 KN.
Visibility: Good; Occasionally fog in Winter.
General Information: The Guadiana River forms the southeast border between Portugal and Spain. On either side of the river the coast is formed by sandy beaches. Near the entrance of the river the 10m line lies about 2M offshore. Approaching from the west, the conspicuous marks are Monte Gordo high buildings and Vila Real Lighthouse. Approaching from the east, the apartment blocks of Isla Cristina are conspicuous. It is also conspicuous from offshore the suspension bridge located some 2M north of the town Vila Real de St. António. Deliver your documents at the reception.
Entrance: Do not attempt to enter other than at half flood and during daylight. The bar can be rough on ebb becoming dangerous if there is any southerly swell running and offshore wind. By departure, make sure you can reach the bar before dark. The river flows between a breakwater and a submerged dyke, running 335º. The entrance, lights at both ends, is about 550m wide. Seawards of the entrance walls are two pairs of buoys (Nº 1 to nº4). Pass between the buoys and then head for the west breakwater. Keep some 50m off the west shore until the entrance of the marina. The currents inside the river are strong and the space inside the marina is very narrow which makes manoeuvring difficult. The entrance of the marina, at its south end, is narrow (some 20m).


Tel.: (+351) 289 800 800

Tel.: (+351) 281 513 245

Tel.: (+351) 281 544 444

Tel.: (+351) 281 543 243

Marina Service


5 t

VHF Channel
9 - 12

No Travel Lift


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